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11AM Health Talk

How Food and Lifestyle Can Reverse “Normal” Symptoms of Aging

Cheryl Prince, R.H.N.


Aging, are these symptoms normal? So many of us assume that we have to slow down in our elder years. It has been shown in civilizations of people with longevity that most never experience the diseases that we here in North America think are normal with aging – arthritis, hypertension, inability to walk distances, poor sleep, and even Alzheimer’s.


Find out how you can possibly reverse aging and live a higher quality of what is supposed to be the best third of your life…retirement! You will leave with a plan of action on how you can start changing your health by knowing if your food is healing or hurting your aging years.


Cheryl is on the faculty at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she teaches perspectives in aging as well as Optimal Nutrition for the brain.  With a Nursing background she understands how our medical system works to aid people but also realizes that most of our Doctors unfortunately do not have the time to help with life style changes. That is where Cheryl fills in the gap.

1PM Health Talk

Cannabis Basics - Is Medicinal Cannabis Appropriate For You?

Pam Edgar, Cannabis Consultant

Pam has assisted many people in determining individual needs to use cannabis for many different uses and reasons.  She has been a speaker at various Health and Wellness Fairs and was also on the speakers list for the Cannabis Convention hosted by Nanaimo Family Life Association in March of this year.


She has been licensed under the Federal Health Canada Medicinal Marijuana Access Program since 2001 and has successfully navigated the many changes in licensing requirements.


As an active member and host at CHLY radio, she reached large audiences through her show “Living for Health of It” a 2 hour live talk radio show which aired weekly and ran for 10 years, including a dedicated cannabis conversation once a month.

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