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2020 Annual Report

The Nanaimo Seniors Services Network (NSSN) is a group of dedicated professionals and businesses, both private and non-profit who provide a wide variety of services and products for older adults in Nanaimo. Members of NSSN have the opportunity to network and to participate in events hosted by NSSN Annual Seniors Health and Wellness Fair.

Our mandate is to support each other and to find ways as a community to assist older adults to find the services they need. Our mission is to educate, inspire and share information during both our monthly network meetings and through our daily activities in our areas of expertise. Together the individual and corporate memberships of the NSSN bring a body of knowledge, services, support and growth to the senior’s sector in Nanaimo.

As members of the NSSN we are consistently invited to tradeshows, conferences, webinars, and meetings that support the health and wellness of older adults in our community both locally and through our collaborations including those found at the Provincial levels. Our membership offers the opportunity for care providers, private businesses, government, social service agencies, and private care facilities to work together in harmony while sharing resources and services.

We proudly celebrate each other’s achievements and work together as a united front to support older adults in whatever capacity we can.

We are the Nanaimo Seniors Services Network.



Cathy Holmes, President 


It has been both an honour and a privilege to serve as your President in 2020 and I love working with all of you so much! As we welcome 2021, we are well on track for achieving our vision! 

We know that Covid 19 has truly been devastating for so many in our community and has provided uncertainty on so many levels. We know that many of the functions that have always been a part of our network, radically changed in March of 2020.  We also know that our desire to support seniors is as strong as ever. Many of us have had to change the way we deliver services and we have had to pivot and change in order to support older adults in our community.  Frankly, this has been a great year to learn how to reach our community differently.  Zoom meetings have given many of us the opportunity to meet and to support each other and we know that this kind of communication will continue well into 2021.


We also learned how to support each other as a network and to lean in during difficult times.  We supported our own membership by being an ear, sharing some of our funds, promoting our team from within and overall remaining extremely positive during uncertain times.

At the time of writing, we also had to deal with raging fires throughout the west coast and the smoke from the wildfires made for further breathing constraints for so many.  In addition, some areas have seen an insurgence of moths not typical for our region.  Our focus has been to remain an ear and a support system for each other.

We met as two-fold for our annual general meeting – small numbers, socially distanced at the BCOAP hall, and simultaneously on Zoom to facilitate our year end and to discuss the future of the NSSN during these uncertain times. 

​Both our membership and our community development grew in 2020 and many visitors have reviewed our materials online on our NSSN website.  ​

A huge shout out to all of the committees and the excellent work by our amazing teams!  They continued to be creative and support every aspect of our work and even though we are not able to do some of our usual activities, we were able to advance our missions with Age Friendly Business through the leadership of Judy Stephan.  We finally have all the materials and supports available…and now, implementation can further. Next year a number of new age friendly businesses will have been accredited and we look forward to assisting businesses get ready for all citizens to utilize their spaces in a way that makes everyone feel included. ​

Our financial picture remained stable and solid. Under the new leadership of Irene Morrison, Treasurer, has brought us up to date with the Societies Act. At the time of writing, Irene also reconciled our bank statements and information to include all outstanding financial transactions. Well done, Irene!

I would also like to thank Susan Jarvis and Irene Morrison for allowing us to use the OAP space for our meetings.  We all really appreciate your hospitality!  Our socially distanced BBQ was great fun and a welcome addition to an otherwise non-eventful summer. Thanks for the great meal and the fabulous conversation.

To last year’s Board of Directors, thank you for your service! Thank you so much to our amazing board members: Judy Stephan, Teresa Ostman and Irene Morrison, Mel Azcarraga, Barbara Grubb. Your service is so important to the network! Thank you!!

It is my belief that we are creating the gold standard for associations and networking groups in Nanaimo and together we can do amazing things! To all of our long-time members, thank you for sticking with us! To our new members, welcome! We are truly honoured to have you involved and we welcome your insight! Please, join one of our committees…you’ll be bringing your incredible talents and we’re stronger by having you on board!

To everyone, I thank you for your trust, ideas, support and laughter!

I have truly enjoyed my role as president and chair of this amazing organization and I look forward to standing with you in 2021!

Stay Safe and Healthy,

Cathy Holmes

Thanks to all of our members, support teams

and to our community!

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