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New Age-Friendly Business Accreditation Benefits Everyone!

Nanaimo Seniors Connect and the Nanaimo Seniors Services Network (NSSN) partnered to create a new Age-Friendly Business accreditation program. The model was created based on other successful models that exist worldwide to recognize businesses that demonstrate best practices in serving seniors by providing accessible, friendly, quality services and facilities.   

Currently older adults make up over half of Nanaimo’s population, and that number is growing. And according to statistics, seniors account for over 60% of consumer spending. So from a business perspective, it makes good sense to target this demographic. Seniors also tend to be loyal customers who will shop for themselves, and for friends and family members as well. The program includes some marketing activities including a decal and certificate to highlight the accredited businesses, and let older customers know it will be a positive experience to do business there.

The business assessment considers criteria including physical environment, aisle width, safety, washroom access, staff training and service, lighting, and more. It is not required to get 100 percent on the assessment, and your business may already be well on the way to being age-friendly. The process is not overly time consuming, and there is no cost.


For more information, please call 250 797-9378 or email us at attention Judy Stephan for more information!

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